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releases (new->old)

Evr2 (out on Midlife Music)
Released: 21 Apr 2020

polygrllyp\h EP (out on система | system)
Released: 23 Sep 2019

Split EP w/ Bintahaha
Released: 06 Oct 2017

>tapes available here<

ℶ (LP)
Released: 01 Nov 2016

> tapes available here <

Released: 2016
"summer tape"?, a compilation of lost/hidden projects 2014-2016

Alley Catss & Samuelspaniel split EP
Released: 07 Jun 2015

Palpations IV
Released: 06 Dec 2014

Released: 23 Sep 2014

Alley Catss & S Olbricht split EP
Released: 29 Mar 2014

Infinite Death EP
Released: 11 May 2014

Evr EP
Released: 4 Mar 2014

Released: 2014

You're Just a Part of Reality and You Can't Escape EP
Released: 29 Dec 2013

Aetheral Dust EP
Released: 2013

Wjhirl EP
Released: 2013

White Record
Released: 2013

In The Name Of Hate EP
Released: 2013

& YR FACE TURNS IN2 DUST (compilation of tracks)
Released: 2013
download & tracklist: http://alleycatss.tumblr.com/nyrfc

Withdwr Ep
Released: 2013

NoWheel4Berlin / NvrBeenTouched
Released: 2013

Raw & Unfinished
Released: 2013

Released: 2013.I-II

(II) Lp
Released: 2013
released on AVNL Records / Sewage Tapes (rip)

review from Igloo Magazine (sweden):
" Pop electronica in a rickety box held together with baling wire and duct tape, with a glossy cache of inspired melody inside. The meaninglessness of genre has almost reached critical mass in electronic music, with microscenes flourishing, dispersing and morphing into something else as quickly as some pundit pins a label on them. Once having grasped method and process, whether software or saxophone, divergent thinking seems to have a far greater influence on empathic music making than history, geography or generation. Independent artists, no matter how connected, have never been more independent to follow their muse, experiment, and head toward their own future. At only fourteen years of age, it hardly seems likely Hungarian native Máté Janky has had much time to plumb the archives and who knows if he even cares to do so. He seems busy enough releasing music under several names, running his own label and making visual art as Vviolent Force. (II) is his third full-length release as Alley Catss, pop electronica in a rickety box held together with baling wire and duct tape, with a glossy cache of inspired melody inside. High-res low fidelity that suggests sidelong glances at vaporwave played to the beat of thwacking, evolved rhythms and a gleam only occasionally falling under dark cloud. A truly buoyant record, a long hour of heady entertainment that bodes well for the future of a very independent mind in the herd. "

Blue Stork / Alley Catss / Elijaah triple split
Released: 2012
cover designed by nicolas humbert

Alley Catss & Elijaah - Drn Kh K Ssh (single)
Released: 2012
with remixes by RAP/ RAP/ RAP, Glxss Soap, No Eyes

Around U Ep
Released: 2012
with remixes by Alcabez, RAP/ RAP/ RAP, leo weinberger

Blue Stork / Alley Catss - Lavender TAWN / Babylon Dreamss (split)
Released: 2012

Ukraine Ep
Released: 2012

Music video for "Heaven" :

Memory Tapes
Released: 2012

Alley Catss/i0 Lp
Released: 2012
Fokkawolfe's review : "i0 by Alley Catss is a too raw noise and power soundscape world of drone and hiss, electronic collisions of effects, metal machine music for 2054, when we really make it to Mars, bereft of human flesh, pure machine bodies communicating in code, searching the red dust for signs of millennial old life forms, beaming back packages of information in indecipherable languages to be read by AI life forms only."

Seamoth Ep
Released: 2011

Music video for title song "Seamoth" :

Thru Sense Ep
Released: 2011